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The Football Lettermen's Club Room was opened for the Ole Miss game on Oct. 13, 1984, as announced by Vincent J. Dooley, Athletic Director and Head Football Coach.

An Executive Committee was named to form the policies for the organization. Bill Hartman was appointed Chairman, John Tillitski the Vice Chairman and Ed Allen acting secretary. Johnny Broadnax (1926-27), Leroy Dukes (1962-63-64), Kent Lawrence (1966-67-68), Zippy Morocco (1949-50-5l), Mixon Robinson (1969-70-71), Heyward Allen (1939-40-41), Dicky Clark (1974-75-76), Robert Miles (1978-79-80), Terry Osbolt (1966-67-68), Mark Stewart (1966-67-68) and Hilton Young (1976-77) completed the original Executive Committee.

It was decided to open the Club Room one and one-half hours before and after football games. Soft drinks and light snacks were to be served. Admittance to the Club is to be by G-Club Card.

In 1986 Leroy Dukes was elected President, John Tillitski Vice President, and Ed Allen Secretary and Treasurer. This group of officers served until 1999. Mack Guest was elected the new President along with Andy Johnson, Vice President, and Mark Hodge the Secretary- Treasurer.

The lettermen thoroughly enjoy the golf competition each year with Auburn. They jokingly refer to it as the "Shootout" and to hear the comments about the match it is not far from correct. That's not all, there is the Frostbite Tournament, the Dooley Open and the Hartman/Dukes Classic.

Articles of Incorporation of Georgia Football Lettermen's Club, Inc. were drawn up and organized exclusively for charitable and other non-profitable purposes. New Bylaws also were adopted in June 1999.

The stated purpose of the Lettermen's Club, Inc. is as follows: The Georgia Football Lettermen's Club shall be to organize and operate exclusively for charitable and/or educational purposes, and no part of corporation shall inure to the benefit of any individual, nor shall the corporation carry on propaganda or attempt to influence legislation.

The corporation shall receive gifts, donations and bequests for its charitable and educational purposes, and may agree upon the terms and conditions thereof with donors, provided such terms and conditions are consonant with the fundamental corporate purpose.

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